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From the basics, like de-cluttering and Home Staging to prepare your property for Sale to full Interior and Garden Design to create the Home you've always dreamed of.


From the Vintage Wedding of your Dreams to a Cocktail Party hosted by a French Chanteuse. From Burlesque to Baroque nothing is impossible. After 25 years working in the Entertainment Industry I have built up a little black book full of Caterers, Lighting Designers and some of the most incredible Entertainment you could imagine. So if it's your dream… we'll make it a reality.


Style is not something you can buy, but it is something you can learn. With my professional advice I can pare down your Wardrobe to create a style that not only suits you, but will be timeless and lasting. I can help you sell those Expensive Impulse Buys that you’ve never worn and replace your wardrobe with a chic capsule collection that goes with everything. Just add shoes and accessories and you're good to go.


Have you ever dreamed of owning that perfect ‘it’ bag, driving a car that turns heads or lusted after a pair of shoes that no one seems to be able to get hold of?
My mission is to find whatever it is you desire, jump the queue for you and deliver them either personally or through a Courier service. I'll take the endless hours of searching off your hands and make it my promise to succeed in getting you just what you've always wanted.


From West End and Broadway Theatre Tickets and Music Events to planning from start to finish that perfect Boutique Weekend in Paris or your next Family Holiday. In conjunction with High End Holiday Planning specialists I can organise flights, Spa breaks… even a 5 Star Safari in Africa. And if there's a Michelin Starred Restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, leave it to me to make the call.


If there is anything else you are interested in finding… from Contemporary Art to Jewellery I have a network of experts who would be more than happy to advise.
From sourcing, through Private Sellers and Auction Houses, to the final purchase. I'm happy to meet and discuss anything that might enhance your lifestyle. Why not get in touch?

The Rise and Rise of the Metrosexual

April 2016

The poor, much-maligned, metrosexual male! Loved perhaps only by ad men and the rag trade, since his birth in the Nineties, the British boy who could tell his Gucci from his Givenchy has been widely mocked. His sin? Daring to care about the way he looks. At last, though, his day may have come.

The once mocked “man bag” has helped Bally, Hugo Boss and Burberry to record sales… although now of course we call it a tote silly! Louboutin is now dressing fellas' feet and finally, online fashion store Net-a-Porter has spawned a beautiful and genetically enhanced heir — Mr Porter.

Men's GRIGORI TOTE £1,400 Louis Vuitton

Meanwhile, at Jean Paul-Gaultier's James Bond-themed show, Andrej Pejic, a male model with long, Pantene ad-worthy tresses, was the star of the catwalk, looking rather more Pussy Galore than Roger Moore and Gucci seem to think putting a man on a 38 Bus in a sheer blouse in their new Ad Campaign is going to get him safely to Dalston? Thank God he's sitting downstairs!

Of course, it won't be long before the High Street catches up. Fashion's dalliance with dandyism has already provoked a mini-testosterone backlash. Critics warn of slippery sartorial slopes: it's all only a few steps away from David Beckham's so-wrong sarong, but my goodness hasn't he redeemed himself!

I can't understand why these style scrooges want their clothing choices to stay so hemmed in, though. Men have too few options already. Wearing a mac? Nothing screams “flasher!” more loudly! Over 25 and trying to carry off a waistcoat and a full beard? You're in dangerous Mumford territory, my Sons.

Once you've ruled out all the other alleged style crimes - high-waisted trousers (too Simon Cowell), leather jacket (too Deliveroo) and tweed (too every film Benedict Cumberbatch will ever be in) — what's left for men?

Jeans, a T-shirt and a windcheater ( yes it’s a word) for the teens to fortysomethings, trousers and a shirt or a well cut suit for the rest. At a push, you could opt for the Waiting for Godot look favoured by the modern Hollywood Actor but if someone hands you a few coins while you're standing on the street (Jonny Depp), it's probably time to smarten up.

So why do we criticise those who do take care in how they present themselves? After all, most of us make judgments based on appearance: I mean how else can you know if you'll like someone? Right?

In Utopia, perhaps, everyone would look beyond the superficial, judging people on what was inside alone. But Utopia is, of course, “no place”, and to borrow from playwright Jean Kerr, no one values an adorable pancreas. Where interest in appearance escalates into narcissism, insecurity or obsession (the cast of The Only Way is Essex springs to mind) we should worry. But clothes are a form of self-expression, a conversational starting point and a way to tell others a little about yourself — even if the message is “I don't give a damn how I look”, note to self… that “look” took THREE hours to put together.

Male vanity is not some new-born flaw, either; but the trait has recently manifested itself in endless selfies, instagram posts and desperate mirror-hogging.

At a dinner party in the 1920's, Nancy Astor is said to have remarked to her neighbour that men were the more conceited sex. Realising the whole table was listening, she went on: “It's a pity that the most intelligent men attach least importance to the way they dress. Why, right at this table the most cultivated man is wearing the most clumsily knotted tie.” Every man present subtly adjusted his tie.

Nancy had the right idea! Now it's our turn!


March 2016

It may sound like a cliché… but the fact is, building a fully functional, well-edited wardrobe that epitomizes your style, covers everything you need, and still looks fresh and exciting is a strategic process.

Yes, you can go shop all willy-nilly and pick up every fantastical one-off that fits the season's current trends, but as we’ve discussed in the past – solely investing in trends can lead to a contradictory and dysfunctional wardrobe, not to mention a dysfunctional you. If you have stood in front of a crammed wardrobe every morning screaming “I have nothing to wear!” whilst drying your tears on your Oyster Card, then heed my advice!

First comes the Science… A great wardrobe is like a well-oiled machine. There are lots of interrelated pieces that work together to make sure everything runs seamlessly, and if that's something you desire for your wardrobe then it's important to start with an end goal in mind, a clear plan you've thought through, a list to make sure everything fits together. Exhausted yet?

Well let me suppress that inner freak that's currently whispering “a can of petrol and an insurance claim” and calmly share some of my tips on setting goals and guidelines for creating a wardrobe that's going to be ANYTHING but ordinary.

So here goes...

In order to build a wardrobe that is truly unmistakably you, you need a strategy, a clear roadmap that will steer you in the right direction.

Below are my ten principles I believe are the foundation of a perfect wardrobe. Now, you don't have to take these as a written doctrine when it comes to your style. These are simply my musings and I’m sharing them in the hope that they'll help you pinpoint your own priorities and create your own foundational principles.

Reserve your closet space for things you only love 110%. If something doesn't light you up at the thought of wearing it… Ebay it, gift it or just get rid of it.

Stand strong in your definition of personal style and develop an eye for style that speaks to you. Become aware of the cut and colours that suit YOU… not what’s in every High Street window.


Build a wardrobe of high-quality items that can last longer than a season. While it can seem counter-intuitive in the moment to spend more on a quality item to save in the long run, you’ll find your wardrobe has more staying power season after season. Plus, your day-to-day outfits will look more expensive.

Forget conventional style typologies like “BOYFRIEND STYLE” or “BOHO”. Don't box yourself in and instead, create your own definition.

Focus on form and function over trend and fashion. You should be able to move with ease in every outfit. Glitter Platforms for work may get you a lot of attention at the photocopier, but God Bless You on your two-hour train journey home when no one offers you a seat!


Play around with trends that suit your style, but ignore the rest. Make sure each purchase you make can be worn from the workplace to cocktails with friends. The more mileage you can get out of something, the better the investment.

Invest your time and thoughts into developing your style and selecting garments. Definitely invest in a designer bag, but not the ‘it’ bag of the season. Get a classic like a Chanel 2.55 or, of course, a Hermès Birkin. Sure the Chanel might cost a staggering £2000 new, but if you sport it for half a year it comes to £10 a wear! And odds are you'll carry it for YEARS after that. Simple!


Build a strong foundation of key pieces that are easy to mix and work well with one another. A great Blazer, a well cut tuxedo shirt, leather ballet flats, a superb fitting pair of jeans and all those ‘can't do without’ staples… from a cashmere sweater to a fitted T.


Really? Non-negotiable. If it pulls, itches, scratches, makes you look like you have four boobs or constantly rides up, just say no.

Stay involved and interested in the Designers that suit you, keep up to date with classic reinvention and redefine your style often. Our personality and preferences are constantly evolving, and your clothes should evolve with it, so that you feel your outfits are always an authentic representation of yourself.


Above all… Enjoy your wardrobe. Dressing should never feel like a chore and wearing it should only make you feel good.

If it doesn't, no matter how much you paid for it… in the words of Andrea Bocelli it's “Time to say Goodbye.”

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